VidWest focuses on off-site editing access with new computers – Columbia Daily Tribune | Episode Movies

People who want to learn more about digital media can turn to VidWest Studios to help them achieve their aspirations in photography, filmmaking or even podcasting, says Matt Schacht, VidWest CEO.

“VidWest is like a public library, but instead of books we have cameras, lights, microphones, audiovisual equipment and studio space,” he said. “Just like in a library, you have to get a library card. While the (traditional) library is free, our library is $30 or $65 per year, depending on membership.”

It is a challenge for people today to completely separate their lives from digital media, said Schacht.

“Some people might be relieved that they don’t have to look at a screen, but it would feel significant if you didn’t use digital technology for a week,” he said, adding that the emphasis on digital media will grow further.

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