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There are so many ways to wear a Halloween costume and a popular choice is to make it flirty and sexy. There are so many fun options to choose from in this department, but there are definitely some costume designers who have taken the “sexy ____” idea too far. Here are 10 of the worst sexy TV and movie costumes out there.

10. Mary Poppins

The standard formula for creating a sexy costume is to take the normal version of an outfit and remove a bunch of fabric from it (not literally, of course, but you know what I mean). When you do that with an outfit that’s supposed to be from a certain period, it often just looks weird, like this one.

Ironically, another historical costume from the film – the one from the chalk painting sequence – would probably have made a pretty good sexy costume – a dress just works better for a “mini” version than a blazer with the kind of skirt shown here.

9. Gummy Bears

Gumby is an odd character to start off with to turn into a sexy costume, but this dress is actually okay once you get over that. What doesn’t work is the inclusion of long, white gloves and stockings. Gumby has green arms and legs; What are these white things supposed to represent anyway?

8. Buzz Lightyear

Sexy space aliens are a pretty popular choice for Halloween, but there’s a reason space is sexy astronauts are not. This costume the toy story Franchise Buzz Lightyear is particularly awful; no helmet? no wings? Not even a hint of purple, one of the character’s iconic colors?

You wouldn’t even be able to tell this is Buzz if it didn’t include the bare minimum of the green vest (which here has such an awkward shape at both the hem and sleeves) with robot-like buttons.

7. Barney the Dinosaur

Barney is pretty hot in the media now thanks to the new Peacock documentary i love you you hate mebut he definitely does Not make for a “hot” Halloween costume. The costume itself isn’t actually that bad, but it’s just way too hard to get past the fact that it’s trying to “spice up” one of the most innocent child characters of all time.

6. Olaf the snowman

Olaf from the Frozen franchise is another character who’s probably far too innocent to be sexualized like that, but what makes it worse is that seeing snowmen and other wintry costumes on Halloween is so unnerving. It’s like someone dressing up as the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus for a holiday that isn’t theirs but is…sexy (nobody would think of that!).

5. Dumb

Dumbo is literally one infant elephant, so it’s definitely awkward to see him being transformed into a supposedly sexy costume. Also, this is definitely the laziest costume on the list, as it doesn’t even sport elephant ears or a Dumbo-style hat, and the colors are pink and blue for some reason, rather than Dumbo’s signature red and yellow.

Again, no magic feather, although the way some people would use it in the context of this costume probably makes up for its absence.

4. Chewbacca

There are some big sexy ones war of stars Costumes out there – Leia, Han, and even the droids have made some pretty cool ones – but the line has to be drawn somewhere.

The worst thing about this costume is that it just looks like someone killed Chewy, skinned him, and turned his fur into an outfit. The Cruella de Vil der war of stars universe, if you will.

3. Big bird

(Yandy, previous season)

This is another costume that looks like someone pieced the look together using the remains of the character. However, this one surpasses Chewbacca in terms of frightfulness, because Big Bird isn’t just a popular children’s character Sesame Street (he’s said to be the equivalent of a six-year-old) but it looks like they ripped his head off and put it in the hairpiece. Oops!

2. The Grinch

Yet another costume that looks like it was designed by Cruella de Vil, this one is particularly terrifying for a number of reasons. First, it just looks so embarrassing. A party dress with what looks like a nightcap? huh? Also, the fur and the shiny, plastic-looking material don’t go well together at all.

But like Olaf, winter and Halloween just don’t mix. And this one is even worse because the Grinch is directly linked to the holiday season. If you need to dress up as a sexy Grinch, can you at least wait until December?

1. Marilyn Monroe in The darn seventh year … but for dogs


Marilyn Monroe’s white dress from The darn seventh year is undoubtedly iconic and one of the most popular Halloween costumes for good reason. But for one Dog? No way!

It can be fun to dress up your pet for Halloween (if they’re okay with it and don’t try to rip the costume off their little body), but you probably shouldn’t give them a wig like the one shown here. And you definitely should not attempt to conform them to human standards of sensuality. A pair of giant fake boobs in front of your dog’s chest isn’t cute, it’s creepy. Enough said.

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