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Jesse Lee Soffer, who brilliantly brought detective Jay Halstead to life for 10 seasons Chicago P.Dwas continued from the series Chicago P.D Episode 3 of Season 10 which aired on Wednesday 5th October. You can read the review here!

The episode titled “Good Man” was his final appearance on the crime drama. Halstead was personally invested in a case involving a robbery. The men were after pseudoephedrine to make meth. Responding to the call as a plainclothes officer, he encountered Lenny, a veterinarian and Good Samaritan who was trying to defuse the situation and keep so many people safe. As Halstead pursued the two perpetrators, Lenny jumped into the line of fire and intercepted a bullet aimed at a pregnant woman. He ended up with Gaffney in a “touch and go” medical condition, although his efforts were commended. Until Upton discovered that Lenny was being paid off for the robbery. When Halstead and Upton went back to question him, he admitted he was the security guard for some money, but since he was dying he didn’t want them to tell his family what he had done. Lenny died shortly after his confession.

Halstead didn’t feel comfortable dragging Lenny’s name through the mud, knowing the impact it would have on his family, but Upton disagreed, noting that it was the only way to bring a case. Halstead decided to take it upon himself and got evidence of where the drug lab was located. He promised Lenny’s wife that he would keep him out of it, rendering the evidence technically useless. However, Halstead went to the warehouse anyway to investigate things. He was ambushed by Benny, the man who made the drugs, and a scuffle ensued. Benny overpowered Halstead, who had no choice but to use his pocket knife and stab him multiple times. Benny died as Halstead watched in horror what he had done.

Upton and Voight arrived and immediately began crafting a cover story. “We’re going to do it again,” Halstead exclaimed, implying that this has become a toxic pattern. The next day he went to the office hoping to tell the truth, but he was hailed as a hero for helping clean up the streets of Chicago. He was also told that Lenny was honored in death and his family benefited, so Halstead decided to keep quiet. He then tendered his resignation by resigning his badge. Upton was shocked as she was unaware of his decision in advance and when she tried to talk him out of it he insisted it had to be done. If she loved him, she had to let him go. He also informed her that later that day he would be going to Bolivia for an 8-month contract where he would join his fellow vets to take down the worst drug cartels in the world.

As Halstead walked to the airport, Voight stopped for an official farewell. He surmised that Halstead never wanted to be him, to which Halstead replied that it was worse, he wanted to be him, but Voight always reminded him that he didn’t want to and shouldn’t keep trying.

Voight confirmed his decision, and Halstead left the Secret Service and his life in Chicago for the foreseeable future.

The following post was written before Season 10 Episode 3 aired:

Halstead has been with the franchise since its inception and has made numerous appearances PD’s sister shows Chicago fire and Chicago Med, so his departure is an emotional one for the fans. He’s long been felt by many viewers to be the glue that holds Intelligence together, and he’s definitely the heart of the team that keeps Voight (Jason Beghe) in line. Some even thought he would be the one to take the reins from Voight after he retired, so Soffer’s decision to leave came as quite a shock.

Of course, fans want to know how he will leave the team, the series and his wife Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos) and when it will happen. We’d rather plan accordingly than be caught off guard!

While there isn’t much information on the events surrounding his departure, the series builds on that, with the season 10 premiere conjuring up a conflict between Halstead and Upton that spilled over into the second episode of the season. The way things are going between them this season isn’t what fans have come to expect from this couple; it’s not “we,” as Upton pointed out. And it’s not like Halstead to lie to Upton or hook up with Voight.

Stressing that her personal feelings can no longer affect the job in the premiere, Voight remarked, “If it ever comes up again at the job, the three of us, we don’t work together anymore, got it?” when Upton informs him that he’s losing Jay will if he continues his villainous behavior.

CHICAGO PD – “A Good Man” Episode 1003 – Pictured: Jesse Lee Soffer as Jay Halstead – (Photo by: Lori Allen/NBC)

However, one could argue that Halstead’s loyalty to Voight also makes sense, since he has previously asked his sergeant to openly report to him on any rogue decisions before they happen so he can help. Maybe this is what’s happening and Halstead lying to Upton to protect her so she doesn’t get sucked back into this.

Some fans have suggested it’s possible Voight is trying to help Halstead get a new job, but I’m not convinced he would just choose to leave his wife to find another without her input to take a life path.

And while Halstead’s motives may seem questionable for now, showrunner Gwen Sigan assured TV Insider that “it will make sense for fans when they watch the episode, which is his exit.” We wanted it to really be a showcase for Halstead and who he is and what Jesse has meant to this show,” adding that Soffer’s performance is “one of his best.”

Seems like there’s a real possibility that Chicago P.D Season 10 Episode 3 Broadcasting on Wednesday 5th October could mean the end of the road for our trusty detective, if not a clear sign that it’s the beginning of the end.

The promo for the episode begins with menacing music as Halstead, in plain clothes, declares, “I’m here to tell the truth.”

“One bad deed doesn’t make you a bad person,” he continues, sounding quite guilty about something from his past. It’s also possible that he’s vouching for Voight, whom he’s supported since Anna’s death.

Halstead has always been the voice of reason, sometimes having to do bad and immoral things to protect those she loves. The service has a price, and perhaps he is no longer willing to pay it.

The teaser tries to keep the suspense up with the lyric overlay “For Someone, This Is the End,” which references Jay directly as we all know he’s leaving. And the ending, which shows Hailey in tears as she looks at Jay in disbelief, seems to seal the deal.

This could very well be Jay’s last episode. It is possible that he confessed to everything and there is no going back to intelligence. Perhaps he took the blame for what happened to Anna to further protect Upton and his team and ease his conscience?

If you’re not ready to say goodbye just yet, there’s still a glimmer of hope, as some fans have pointed out that Soffer was spotted filming the final few episodes, and given that he’s leaving sometime in the fall, that would likely spell his departure in Ask a Question Consequence 8th or 9 of the season, and in that case something big has to happen in Episode 3 that will likely set Halstead down a path he’ll realize he can’t go any further.

And as one fan pointed out, his exit, whatever it is, will close his character arc because he’ll do to Hailey what Erin did to him all those years ago.

Sagan suggested Halstead’s exit will derail Upton, which sounds like there might be a falling out between the pair. Or maybe Halstead just realized he needs to start putting himself first for a change.

Anyway, it’s tough for Upton: “Upton will have some consequences, yes. It’s a difficult place for them. She’s just so connected to Halstead, who is not only her husband but also her partner. They’re so intertwined in her life and just seeing her alone and navigating it – she’s certainly going into some really interesting territory this season as she tries to navigate it. She’s someone who isn’t necessarily the best at managing her emotions. She likes to be in control and likes to feel like she’s in control of her headspace,” Sagan clarified.

Hopefully, as they wrap up Halstead’s story and do justice to his character, they’ll also give fans another Halstead brothers moment with Will medication. We deserve it!

Only time will tell what Halstead’s exit will truly look like, but one thing is for sure – it will still be devastating for longtime fans.

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