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Ahead of the start of DOC NYC 2022 on November 9, festival organizers released the fifth annual 40 under 40 list, which highlights emerging documentary talent, and the Documentary New Leaders list, which celebrates individuals working in the fields of documentary distribution, sales , marketing and festivals that bring more inclusion and justice to the field.

The announcement of this year’s awardees was accompanied by details on the festival’s second annual DOC NYC x Video Consortium Storytelling Incubator, its mentoring program that brings together first-time feature filmmakers with industry veterans; and the full lineup for the Industry Roundtables (formerly titled Only in New York), DOC NYC’s program of meetings for work-in-progress documents.

The selection process for the 40 Under 40 and Documentary New Leaders lists begins with an open call for applications from documentary filmmakers based in the United States and Canada. The final lists are determined by a selection committee composed of DOC NYC employees and executives, industry decision makers and alumni of the lists.

“Recognizing the creative and organizational stars of our field each year is a highlight of our work at DOC NYC,” said Caitlin Boyle, the festival’s Director of Filmmaker Development. “We look forward to celebrating both emerging and established talent and bringing them together for collaboration and career development.”

The 40 Under 40 and Documentary New Leaders honorees are listed below. Click here for this year’s Doc NYC Storytelling Incubator lineup and here for the festival’s industry roundtables.

40 UNDER 40

Emmett Adler – Editor, Director (end of line)
David Alvarado – producer, director (We are like gods)
Cora Atkinson
– Manufacturer (summer of the soul)
Oluwaseun Babalola
– Manufacturer (Frederick Douglass: In Five Speeches)
Rita Baghdadi
– Cameraman, Producer, Director (sirens)
Giselle Bailey
– producer, director (Seen & heard)
Stephen Bailey
– Cameraman, Editor, Director, Producer (shadowland)
Anthony Banua-Simon
– Editor, Director (pipe fire)
Brian Becker
– Producer, Director (HBO Unnamed Y2K project)
Edward Buckles Jr.
– Director (Katrina Babies)
Nick Canfield
– cameraman, director (The pastor)
Daniel Chávez-Ontiveros
– Cameraman, Editor, Producer, Director (The Swan)
Alex Clark
– Cinematographer, Producer (PBS ‘Nova’)
Nicole Dokta
– Manufacturer (belly of the beast)
Paul Eiselt
– producer, director (aftershocks)
Jana Elise
– Editor, Director (melting snow)
Daniel Garbe
– Notepad (The shooter)
Tony Hale
– Writer, Editor (Youth vs. Gov)
Cassidy Hartman
– Author, Producer (The Apollo)
Lisa Hurwitz
– Writer, Producer, Director (The vending machine)
Zach Ingrasci
– Cameraman, Producer, Director (Five years north)
Robert Kolodny
– director, editor, cameraman (procession)
Robert A Martinez
– Notepad (Lucie and Desi)
Emma D Miller
– Manufacturer (what we leave behind)
Ashley Moradipour
– Notepad (endangered)
Igor Myakotin
– Editor, Producer (Welcome to Chechnya)
Bao Nguyen
– Cameraman, Producer, Director (be water)
Avantika Nimbalker
– Sound Editor, Sound Designer (coral woman)
Willow O’Feral
– Cameraman, Producer, Director (Break the Silence: Stories of Reproductive and Sexual Health)
Sunita Prasad
– Notepad (aftershocks)
Serginho Roosblad
– director, producer (Discovery of Muybridge)
David Siev
– producer, director (Bad axe)
Trevor Smith
– Manufacturer (Billie Eilish: The world is a little blurry)
Alex Takats
– Cameraman, Producer (endangered)
Laura Tatham
– Manufacturer (Mama Bears)
Chris Temple
– producer, director (Five years north)
Elizabeth Unger
– producer, director (Tiger Gente)
Tasha van Zandt
– Cameraman, Producer, Director (After Antarctica)
Tyshun Wardlaw
– producer, director (Growing up in Milwaukee)
Grace Zahra
– director, editor (sirens)


Emily Abi-Kheirs – Head of Filmmaking Services, Women Make Movies
Ann Bennett
– filmmaker, multimedia producer, visual artist; Producer, Prana Productions
Kate Bustamante
– Senior Manager, Original Documentaries, Hulu
Dessane Lopez Cassell
– editor, author, curator; Programmer, Blackstar Film Festival
Jennifer Crystal Chien
– Director, Re-Present Media
Amir George
– Artistic Director, Kartemquin Films
Dara Brasser
– Director of Programming and Engagement, DCTV
Molly Ramey Murphy
– Managing directors, partnerships and innovation, working films
Jannet Nunez
– Senior Manager, Content and Development, ITVS
Amanda Upson
– Interim Director, FWD Doc
brian walker – Managing Director, Picture Motion

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