How NY Giants QB Daniel Jones’ Sleight of Hand Puzzled Defense and Improved His Game – | Episode Movies

EAST RUTHERFORD – Daniel Jones hasn’t just fooled opposing defenses with his sleight of hand this season.

Network television cameras trained on the offense of the New York Giants and their quarterback have lost sight of football on several occasions in games, and that’s thanks to Jones’s attention to detail, not to mention the former AAU’s adept handling -Basketball stars in and out of your pocket.

A play fake is like a magic trick that involves deception but even more repetition and execution.

It’s essentially poker masquerading as a game of football, and if there are any tells any advantage between the lines that Jones might be looking for is gone.

The opposite is happening with the 6-1 Giants, who got off to their best start since the 2008 season when they faced the 4-3 Seahawks in Seattle as the defending Super Bowl champions on Sunday.

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