Arizona PBS, Cronkite School jointly nominated for 36 Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards – Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication | Episode Movies

The Rocky Mountain Regional Emmy® Awards this week announced the nominations for their 45th annual ceremony. Arizona PBS and the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication collectively received 36 Emmy® and Student Production Award nominations. “It’s inspiring to see Cronkite and Arizona PBS honored with so many nominations,” said Dr. Battinto L. Batts, … Read more

How Hollywood Makes Superheroes Fly in TV Shows and Movies – Insider | Episode Movies

The best flying stunts create plausible aerial movement while keeping the performers safe. To make Superman fly in the 1950s, George Reeves simply lay down on a moving pan. Today’s flight scenes are done with a combination of wires, tuning forks and digital doubles. Visit the Insider home page for more stories. Loading Something is … Read more

2022 Movies & High-End TV Productions Filming Around the World: Latest Updates – KFTV | Episode Movies

Fast X. Credit: Universal Pictures KFTV lists some of the latest movies and high-end TV productions being made internationally for major studios and streamers. Please contact to add or update any changes to the following or new projects taking place worldwide. movies Dune: Part Two Sci-Fi Adventure: Follow the epic … Read more

How Foley sound is created for animated films and TV shows – Insider | Episode Movies

Compared to sound for live action, sound for animated films and television shows is less bound by realism. Foley artists also start from scratch on animated projects without the production sound keeping up. See how Sanaa Kelley and Monique Reymond use these opportunities in their work. Visit the Insider home page for more stories. Loading … Read more

Funny Sites Review – IGN | Episode Movies

Funny Pages will debut in select theaters and on-demand on August 26, 2022. Owen Kline’s directorial debut Funny Pages deals with the human face. He films his actors in extreme close-ups, emphasizing the beads of sweat on their foreheads or cheeks covered with acne. He zooms in on all the crevices that film cameras try … Read more

Walmart vs. Target: Why Discounts Drastically Impacted Profits in Opposite Directions – GOBankingRates | Episode Movies

©Walmart Inflation-weary consumers, tired of paying high prices, have been seeking deep discounts this year, prompting retailers like Walmart and Target to slash the prices of items to remove excess inventory from their shelves. But while the operating environment is similar for both retailers, the financial impact has been very different. Discover: Answers to your … Read more

A Late Bloomer: Amherst poet Faith Shearin explores new territory with an award-winning YA novel – GazetteNET | Episode Movies

Although she has been writing poetry for years, Faith Shearin notes that her first serious foray into writing was as a short story writer—or short story wannabe. She was in an MFA writing program at Sarah Lawrence College, and her stories had “some carefully constructed dialogue — I was really drawn to language — but … Read more

That’s why HBO Max is pulling dozens of movies and TV series from the CNBC streaming platform | Episode Movies

Warner Bros. Discovery’s HBO Max is removing 36 movies and TV series from its platform. There are three main reasons why it happens. The movies and series — including 20 original HBO Max shows like teen drama Generation and Sesame Street spinoff The Not-Too-Late Show with Elmo — will be removed through the end of … Read more